Everything about James Bond inspired Calendar!

Everything about James Bond inspired Calendar!

People enjoy action movies for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy the excitement and thrill of watching characters in dangerous situations, while others enjoy the fast-paced, action-packed nature of the stories. James Bond is a particularly popular action movie franchise because it features a charismatic and suave main character who is known for his intelligence, charm, and ability to save the day in seemingly impossible situations. This is also the reason why I like it that much!

The "Bond Girls" are a staple of the James Bond movies, and they are often characterized as beautiful and intelligent women who are able to hold their own alongside Bond. They are known for their strength and confidence.
I thought that it will be so cool to play the character of Bond Girl and show you my version of it! I spent a lot of time preparing outfits that will be a perfect match for such character. I chose a shiny dress for the cover because it's eye-catching, but it's also mysterious because you don't know what secrets it hides. ;)

Each outfit had to match the weapon as well and let me tell you... It was harder than I expected. I didn't want to use just any weapon. So for the calendar I prepared replicas of the weapons that James Bond used in his movies!

In the early films, Bond was often seen using a Walther PPK, but in more recent films he has been seen using a variety of guns, including the Sig Sauer P365, the AEG G&G CM16 ARP 9, the AEG R2C, and the GBB Walther P99. Each of these guns is a type of handgun that is known for its reliability and accuracy, and they are all popular choices among gun enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals alike. You can see all these replicas in the pictures

So as you can see nothing is accidental in this Calendar! It was definitely the most fun photoshoot that I did! I had a great time as a Bond Girl!
I am very happy about your positive feedback about the 023 Calendar!

Thank you for your support. And for those who are still thinking about getting my 023 Calendar, I hope you found this post interesting and give me a chance to surprise you with photos! 


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